I offer two distinct types of editing services, depending on the stage of the client’s work. A developmental edit offers creative revisions such as theme, character development, plot, voice, structure, and format. My copyediting services include spelling, grammar, punctuation, basic formatting, and fundamental clarity. For each type of edit, I embed suggested revisions and comments within the manuscript, using Word’s Track Changes feature.

In addition, I provide a detailed letter explaining the recurring issues within each edit, and the reasons for suggested changes.

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Online Writing Classes

I teach the following ongoing classes. For future start dates, please email me.

Luscious Language:
Creating More Powerful Imagery and Sensory Description

4 Weeks: $129

Does your writing feedback continue to say, “show, don’t tell?” Through short weekly assignments, expand your use of metaphor, convey emotion, and enliven other observations. Explore the five senses to lure in readers, making them feel present. Post your own questions on the convenient discussion board, where we will address dead verbs, empty adjectives, and other danger zones to avoid while you learn to spice up your language. For current dates Contact me at: amyjmcelroy (at) verizon (dot) net.

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Memoir Fundamentals:
A Solid Foundation for Walking Your Own Path
4 Weeks: $129

Whether your memoir is a three-page essay or a three hundred-page manuscript, this class will help you tackle the fundamental issues of the genre. Through short weekly assignments, we will study the following: (1) the need for a narrative arc within the memoir; (2) issues of voice; (3) how powerful, imagistic language creates strong settings and allows readers to identify with narrators; and (4) the use of appropriate dialogue and tags to support the narrative and to create strong character description. Post your own questions on the convenient discussion board, where we will address privacy concerns, potential impact on writer-subject relationships, “what is truth?” etc.

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I am a freelance writer, currently working on two books: Yoga for Writers, and a book of personal essays linked with a tree theme.

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