“Being Diagnosed With Skin Cancer Gave Me the Chance to Get a Boob Job” Cosmopolitan

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“Staying Afloat in the Winter Rain” Sweatpants & Coffee

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“My Kids Go to School with Holes in Their Shoes But They Also Go to Europe” The Billfold

Current Events

“Why the Street Assault Video May Need Narration for Men”– The Manifest-Station

“Hollister Heroes: Red Cross Sends Representatives to Serve in New York City” Miracle Miles


“Deadline Looms for UNthink, An Overlooked Creative Grant Opportunity” Noodle

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“Facing Hate in the Schoolyard as the Non-Christian Child” Role Reboot

“I Told My Daughter There Was No Santa” Role Reboot

“A Growing Void” Sweatpants & Coffee (Honorable Mention, Katheryn Krotzer LaBorde Creative Nonfiction Prize, 2014).

“Goodbye to the Odyssey” Sweatpants & Coffee (Honorable Mention, Linda Joy Myers Memoir Vignette Prize, 2014).

“No Simple Answers.” Milk and Ink: Family in the Extreme. Outskirts Press. (Honorable Mention, Tara L. Masih Intercultural Essay Prize, 2010).

“The Toilet Feeling” Sweatpants & Coffee

“Notes of Grace” Sweatpants & Coffee

Writing Craft

“Sensory Description: Deep Beyond the Five Senses We Learned in Preschool” The Book Designer: Carnival of the Indies

“McElroy, Amy. Not “I,” “Me,” or “My:” Streamline Your First-Person Narrative” The Book Designer: Carnival of the Indies

“The Magic of Expanded Dialogue Tags: Tips to Build Strong Characters and Draw Readers into Your Story” The Book Designer: Carnival of the Indies.

Radio Broadcasts

“A Break in the Silence” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“Creationism and Evolution Clash on the Playground” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“Finding Peace in the Mist” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“Flight of A Dancer’s Mind” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“The Art of Leaves” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“The Clearing” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“The Dance of the Forest” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.

“The Trash Monster” First Person Singular. KUSP, Santa Cruz.