It Takes a Collective

By Amy McElroy For this woman who can offer detailed commentary on character development, sensory description, and use of dialogue in a manuscript, but who didn’t know web code from content, thought Glimmer Train sounded like a glam rock writer’s conference, and spends most days ready to throw her computer out the window, it takes […]

The Dying Fire

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by Amy McElroy On the reality show “Survivor,” contestants are voted off with the ceremonial snuffing out of their torches, and host Jeff Probst’s constant reminder that, “In this game, fire represents your life.” There’s something primal to that metaphor, something deeper than a reality show gimmick, as I’ve learned over the past month. First, […]

Make Time Stop

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PHOTO CREDIT: “Marwari Stallion #1” by Tom Chambers, http://www.tomchambersphoto.com At this time of year when tradition dictates we consider resolutions for the future, I—everthe planner, the worrier, the what-if or could-be dreamer find myself staunchly resisting. While my toes grip the metaphorical sand, my knuckles clutch the all-too-real yellow counter in Nana’s kitchen, and the unscratched, shiny, […]

Sowing Solace


I grew up in the thick of the South, left with hazy memories of my uncle’s rare visits. But, I found myself missing a warm glow when he was gone. During my thirties, I’ve revisited that whispering connection. After my uncle’s 1950’s and 60’s childhood filled him with the gospel of Southern Wonderbread, he fled—like […]